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I believe all Lehigh plays is a 3 guard offense. BA’s minutes are coming at the expense of CS and to a lesser extent AP.
Brett should pretty much resign himself to the fact that most teams will be packing in the zone during the second time around. Of course, the way to beat that is with the 3.
BA was a 47% 3 pt shooter in HS. Expect his minutes to increase. AP can get really hot from the 3 but he will need to be more consistent with it. MS was a know sniper in HS. CS makes 38% of his 3s but seemingly disappears for long stretches. SC is supposed to be our marksman but is shooting less than 30%. If we make the long distance shots, the middle will open up. If you can make 36% from the 3 that is the equivalent of 54% from inside.
On another note though, I continually forget to look but do we even play a match up zone at all. It would be ideal vs Lafayette. Plan B, play up-tempo offensively. 3 point shooters tend to lose their shot as their legs tire.