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Right with you, across the board 65! A very interesting match-up. Statically, pards are a top-notch PL offense, as is our defense. On the other end of the court, our O hasn’t been good on a consistent basis, and pard defense is (as usual) their big question mark.
I also agree that Ptasinski may be the key. Going over results, when he has a big game, pards win. I hope to see somebody inside his jersey all day long. I’m hopeful that our interior D is good enough to keep Hinrichs and Trist from deciding the outcome.
I’d have to expect them to focus on stopping TK. How we respond to that is likely to decide the outcome, I think. Of course, all of this could be moot if they just shoot the lights out – which we seem to bring out in opponents on some nights. Yes, I’m still bitter about ‘gate. Loyola, and BU. All 3 shot 50% or better from 3 against us.
I hope we put some Lehigh butts in seats over there too. Never hurts…