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Huge win (dah?). And we still did not play our best game. 14 turnovers and several unnecessary fouls. But wow the effort! Particularly on the boards. And on the defensive end. Fortunately in the Lehigh Valley we get Lafayette’s broadcast locally so I got to tape the game and watch w/o commercials after work. The box score tells a really accurate team story. But if you didn’t see the game, a couple of things the box won’t tell you; a) MS is invaluable as the back up point. KR and others in early foul trouble. Miles was just as steady on the handle and his decision making continues to improve. JC also good minutes off the bench when Goldie got 3rd foul. And BA is just scratching the surface of his offensive potential. He still doesn’t pick his spots very well, but when he does, he’s almost unstoppable at this level. In my opinion if he puts in the work with the right attitude he could be a monster. Offensively and on the boards.

All that said, Bucknell is next up. Up there. And this team this season has proven they are capable of laying an ugly duckling egg at anytime. After the Navy win BA got his first career post game radio interview. He mentioned the athleticism of the three big OC opponents, but that the Patriot league has much better shooters. He also implied that they may have taken some league opponents lightly following the OC success. And that they now realize what it takes to have a chance to “winning this thing.” Probably too candid for a freshman, but very interesting to hear. Game time change Wednesday to 8pm if you’re going. Hopefully after three straight great efforts, they are onto something.