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Agree Rich. I doubt LU would waste a full scholly on a kid that doesnt have any offers. Im sure they saved those for the kids with other offers to compete. Maybe this kid is a walk on like Nana and the DB from Mass last yr. And TMH the kid had the offers, if they pulled them is irrelevant because he was good enough to get them. I doubt all seven schools that offered “pulled” the offer…LOL. Give LC credit, they shot for the stars and got a steal. If he wouldve landed at LU, you wouldve praised the offers he received and gushed like a baby. Not talk about his stats and mediocre times. I didnt talk about the Cam kid like you do this one. All recruits are a gamble, better to shoot for the “cant miss” kids than any others. As far as Pellatier, the article I read said he considered Albany,Maine and Sacred before picking LU. If he considered it, I imagine it was a option for him to go.