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Terrible loss.

Can we please stop the “this team is young” excuse, as we were beaten by a younger team last night, after holding a double digits lead in the second half.


1) I was surprised by the crowd, it looked pretty light, which really shocked me for Lehigh/Bucknell.
2) AP turned the ball over on 3 consecutive trips later in the second half, which really hurt us, as Bucknell was streaking.
3) We did a really good job on Hass all night, but we forgot to guard the 3 point line, late in the game, and we really paid.
4) Not sure why Dom Hoffman was buried on the bench so long. He gave them a real lift in the second half inside and out.
5) KR really struggled with the length of Kaspar, he had a hard time getting into the lane and had a hard time keeping Kaspar out of the lane. Don’t get me wrong, KR was the best player on the floor last night, but he got frustrated at times in the second half.
6) TK and JG played stupid basketball picking up useless fouls, and their foul trouble killed our momentum. In all fairness, the refs were brutal, and when you look at the total fouls and foul shots, it is pretty obvious the home team got the whistle last night. Lehigh putting Bucknell in the bonus so early in the second was critical.
7) JG has really developed his post up game, nice drop step and ability to finish at the rim.
8) BA and SC cannot be on the floor in critical spots. They flat out can’t guard anybody. Half the guys who post on this board, could drive past those 2. They are like matadors. As soon as they got put in the game last night, they give up layups. Can’t stop any penetration.
9) I thought CS was quietly very solid last night. Didn’t stand out, but fought on defense, through a lot of screens and make some shots. We did a lot of switching in the first half on their shooters off picks, and it worked well. Obviously, not so much in the second half.
10) TK needs to develop more power inside. Too much garbage fading away finesse moves and trying to finish with the left hand. I’m sick of seeing the hook. Dunk the basketball. Go strong or go home.
11) On the coaching front, I was really surprised at how deep each team went, particularly Bucknell early. They were running guys in and out every minute, I guess looking for a good combination. Reed went a little too deep to the bench in the second for my liking, but I guess he was forced by the foul trouble. We were one big short last night. When he lost TK and JG to fouls, all he had was CB at that point. I was surprised KM did not get any run. It is hard to sub in a guy like SC for a big and not pay. That was a game where we really could have used a guy like Shane Whitfield.

That one really stung. To lose like that, in a place where we have played so well was a surprise.