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So much as already been said about our bonehead plays and the meltdown that occurred last night, I can add little new perspective other than to reinforce an observation made weeks ago about team play and the form it takes in the Assist to Field Goal Made (A/FGM) ratio. I believe it speaks well to Van’s earlier point about “everyone wants to be a hero.” Last night we offered up 12 assists on 25 made field goals (.480). It represented our second worse PL effort, beaten only by a mark of .364 in our loss to American U. To date we have played nine conference games. In our wins, the ratio has averaged .636; in our losses the number tumbles to .523. In my mind, we all too often rush our shots when, to my untrained eye, far better shot-making alternatives existed. Replay last night’s game to see if you don’t agree.

Random stat observations:

Is there anyone hotter than JG ? …….. 19 for 24 (.792) in his last 4

Tim: As much as it hurt to see in on the bench for extended minutes, he missed more shots that he made when he was in the game (5 for 12 shooting .417). That’s happened in 13 of his 20 games played.

We scored 8 pts. on 10 Bison TO’s……..they scored 19 on a near equal number (11) Mountain Hawk TO’s

We were out-rebounded last night 39-32 (14 to 9 on the offensive boards). We won the rebounding battle in each of our 4 PL wins.

Worse stat line of the night: BA’s 0 for 2 in 22 minutes. Everything else 0-0-0-0-0-0-0

Kahron: Another perfect night from the line (5 for 5). That makes it 10 in a row and 25 of 29 (.862) in PL play.

Bucknell visits Stabler on Wednesday, Feb. 25th. See you there!