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Have watched all of LU games very closely and these are my observations:

AP and BA check out mentally if they are not getting theirs (one reason no championships with these two together).

CS always plays as hard as possible but never knows how much he will play or what his role will be, except that he is coming out at the first media timeout no matter what.

SC has been a none factor all year which might be a direct impact of losing minutes last year and this year to Freshmen who seem to get minutes no matter what their performance. Hard for a senior to deal with! I refer to AD last year and wonder if he really had to sit all year or did he choose to because his spot was given to unproven Freshman.

TK: Will finish career as one of the best players in LU history. Agree vertical ability needs to improve

JG: Has been very good but as mentioned above shot selection limits his touches. This game TK and JG should have touched the ball every offensive possession.

KR: A very good player but I am not ready to make him the second coming yet. His jump shot needs a lot of work and he will always be a liability on the defensive end against big physical guards.

MS: No idea what his role is, anyone else know, he clearly doesen’t.

JC: The reason he fires up 3s is that his drive and post up game is not good.

Team: Little passion, little emotion, very mechanical, and no trust in each other.