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I don’t understand the “competition” factor. Sam McCloskey who is from the Single A state champ is a helluva player. Clairton is littered with legit FBS prospects and McCloskey was the best player on the field during the title game. Bragalone had a great game the week before against McCloskey’s BGHS team in the state semi’s. There are plenty of excellent players who come from small schools.

Glenn Kempa is one of LU’s best QB’s ever and he came from Single A Riverside, likewise with Stambaugh and Pius X. Rath was the Small school player of the year a well and went on to have a very good career at Lehigh.

I think this kid is more in the Erik Marsh profile than Barket or even Eachus. Barket and Eachus were tough kids that had a nice combo of size and speed when healthy. Bragalone is more of a physical specimen imo. This kid has me stoked!