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Watched the last 10 mins again. Amazingly, most of the crash was really in the final 3-4 minutes. Came away with a few things:
First, while the press-handling was generally pretty ugly, it was the in-bounds situations vs. the press that were a DISASTER. Every single one was nerve-wracking, felt like 50-50 shot at best. We need some wrinkles. Seems that if the initial motion, first 5 seconds or so, didn’t work out we were done. Even our own Chris Weber moment was a result of a badly handled inbound; stuck in the corner.
Next, re: Fanning. Two different major problems there. Earlier in that stretch we just did a bad job of staying with him in their regular set. Got repeatedly lost on screens. Maybe fatigue was a factor there. The later part of the melt-down was more surprising to me. For all of my complaints about offensive rebounds over the years – it was transition D. And it wasn’t only Fanning either. They immediately got into the paint; we were unable to stop the driver at all. Those looked more like team D breakdowns than individual failures, to me. I did not catch onto that in my first viewing; adrenaline often clouds my view in those situations.
I was genuinely surprised. I really thought team D and transition D were strengths, but we got gouged in those final 4 minutes.