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Not sure where we were prior to the BU game, but we are now up to #59 in D1 for A/FGM rate (59.1%), per KenPom. Only one team in PL is higher, and curiously, it’s Navy at 62.2%.
Our 3pt D appears to be good statistically, but digging a little deeper is confusing me. We allow an exceptionally high % of points (35.2%) via the 3; 17th highest in D1. Seems to be driven by an equally high 3PA/FGA from our opponents – but it’s VERY unclear what that means. Best I can make out, that might be due to very good 2 pt D. But I dunno. No clear consensus on 3pt D in general. KenPom seems to believe that 3pt % is largely dictated by the offense; little effect by D.