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Painful but accurate observation. Looking at last year’s numbers, HC averaged a bit higher attendance than we did. Agreed that it doesn’t look good on TV, but I also find the crowd “energy” hard to gauge on TV. I think our home games have looked a bit better than this, but I haven’t been to a Stabler game in some time either.
Just the reality of mid-major hoops, I think. Schools our size can do a good bit better – but we need results to climb up there. Went with my sister, her kids, and mine to the game at UMBC. Her kids go to a big AAAA PA high school, and they all commented that CV’s gym is significantly bigger than UMBC’s. I wouldn’t be surprised if their average attendance is higher, too.
Now, if we could convince 50% of our home football fans to stop in sometimes… ;-)

p.s. My wife, who went to Syracuse and likes hoops, LOVES to give me hell about watching these “high school” games. Ouch.

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