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tiger and jmn
Actually agree with both points of view. No doubt that competition matters. That FBS teams didn’t pull the trigger while certainly relevant is not determinative in evaluating a player from A level football. FBS usually have much more prsssure for recruits to produce quickly. They are rarely interested in waiting for a player to transition up. Nor are they willing to spend a schollie with the attendant risk that not all players are able to successfully transition. The gap between PL ball and Class A is big,that between A and FBS is enormous. In that respect competition matters. It does not diminsh the player’s actual ability. If Dom had played at a AAAA with even similar numbers he wouldn’t be here.
Altho clearly less of a risk for LU,transition is still the issue. How quickly a.d how well will he get up to game speed.We have been here before with Barket and Brown,both A star RBs. Viewing all the video I could find on Dom,he is a distinct level above both.IMO,he will transition very well and star at LU. How quickly?Dont know but I hope soon :)