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Very well put RichH. Tigerfb75, You have some good points. Its unfortunate that small school players dont get the respect they deserve. But how do you weigh talent based on school classification? An player at an “A” school could be just as good if not better at a “AAAA” classification, but who’s to know? Its just a disappointment knowing that institutions and ppl are using this as a deciding factor. However, Once reaching district and state playoffs, you dont get ‘scrub’ or ” JV like” teams. Its the real deal. Dom was able to turn the volume up even more and destroy the top offenses and defenses in the state. he ran well (over 300yds) against the eventual state Champ Bishop Guilfoyle in the state semifinal. You have only seen some highlights films not down by down footage. I have been privileged to see it. Not only does he have brute strength and speed but he does have the “moves” and cutback ability. It just so happens that he does VERY well running NORTH/SOUTH and downhill as a talented and well coached running back. It was fortunate that he had dominating OL and full back as well. I dont want to take from the “team” effort.