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There is no doubt that this summer will be intriguing. I don’t expect too many of the new freshmen to make an immediate impact simply because they have such little time to adjust to both a whole new level of play and a whole new system. There are some positions however, that lend itself to adapting in a shorter period of time. K is obviously one of them and Mish will be needed to step in quickly. RB, IMHO, is another one. There are holes to run through and blocking assignments when your # is not called.The players may be a bit bigger but if the #s are right, both Bragalone and Brisker may still be stronger than those trying to tackle them. Chance are, they both may be faster too. Leigh will obviously be the front runner early and rightfully so. He will be pushed and he will be spelled. The competition alone there will make everyone better. Depending on the health of our OL, I actually wonder if we become more run oriented than pass oriented this year. I suppose much will depend on Shaf’s shoulder.