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I’ll tell you what I know on the subject. From a fan’s standpoint, dual meets are very important. The major programs can still draw really big crowds for good dual meets. For the coaches and wrestlers, everything points to the individual championships. Of course programs need fan support hence we try to schedule the best duals possible.
The problem with the team championships as I was told is scheduling. On the state level, high schools don’t schedule dual meets during the 2-3 week period because no one knows who is going to make it to and through districts. That’s a long time for individual wrestlers to be idle. Pat never liked them for this reason. Lehigh was always a cusp team. What if we were not invited or didn’t get past the 1st round. The format must have changed because we were guaranteed to host a 1st round match against a team we should beat handily which gives us at least 2 duals during this period.
The Big 10/14 schools don’t particularly like it since most of the top teams come from that conference. The are already restricted in terms the # of OOC meets they can schedule and they tend to shy away from wrestling teams multiple times in the same year.