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Just for the sake of discussion, as a HS sprinter, I can tell you that I couldn’t run the exact same 100 time 2X in a row. The difference is typically in the start. That is even more true in the 40. I have no idea when the HUDL time was taken and posted but if it were after his junior season, he has had a year of track training in between. 1st year of track, he wins the District Championship in both the 100 and 200 and qualifies for the States SF round. What I know is he’s fast. Someone mentioned Eric Marsh as a prototype and after watching film, it seems spot on.
As for small schools. It seems like a great area for Lehigh to me recruiting in. We have had a lot of success with it and it appears that really good football players are going way under the radar. Now let’s hope he and Brisker stay healthy. That’s the uncontrollable unknown.