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I don’t know the number Sunday but it’s probably relatively high. The Montana schools have a history of white kids who are both tough and athletic. Montana State had Cody Kirk in 2013 who was one of the better backs in the Big Sky. Chase Reynolds was a beast for the UM Griz a few years ago. Zach Zenner at South Dakota State was probably the best RB in FCS this year. Nico Steriti at UNH was another one who was extremely talented. Others off of the top of my head, Matt Szczur Villanova, Nate Eachus Colate, Breitenstien Wofford…

Some of the better WR’s in FCS have also been white. Cooper Kupp at EWU is, imo, the best WR in the country at the FCS level. There’s also, Spadola, David Ball UNH, Marc Mariani Montana, Smith NDSU, Wetzel Fordham…

It’s possible FBS schools wanted Bragalone as a safety and he was focused on being a RB.