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As to the discrimination question, I asked the same question earlier for a reason. Many years ago, I talked to college coach (assistant) from a big school. I asked him what he looked for in an athlete. Interestingly, the first think he said were his ankles. Thin ankles apparently related to quickness. When I asked him about skin color, he posed that exact same question to me…name 3 RBs in the major college ranks that were Caucasian. Even going backwards, I could only come with Craig James and Tommy Vardell. Although he didn’t say it, I think he meant that there could be a subconscious bias.
Zach Barkett put up amazing #s in HS but I took a wait and see approach on him simply because he had LB speed (about 4.7/40) and wasn’t tremendously big. He was durable in HS though with over 400 carries during his senior year. DB is different.
I must say though that I just watched the hi-lite film of Brisker again and shook my head. It’s only a hi-lite tape but the only way he went down was a gang tackle or ankle tackle (some times). This will be some 4-way competition. If Kee is ready to go…RB will be really deep this year.