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In regards to your question of race there is no question that it plays a part both in coaching and recruiting. Coaches are human and live in our society which is littered with prejudices and stereotypes. Jason Seahorn a white corner in the NFL chronicled his path to the NFL in some sports documentary I watched (can’t remember which one). He explained that his entire career, even when he was drafted ,coaches tried to move him to safety. His only explanation for this was that he was white. I have heard similar stories with Tailbacks being pushed to FB. In basketball it is even worse. Think of the disgraceful manner we describe players. The white basketball player, “heady, smart, coach on the floor, gritty, tough.” Anyone remember Bob Sura one of the most Athletic basketball players I have ever seen. The Black basketball player, “explosive, fast, athletic, leaper, and my personal favorite well spoken.” Now is there some data to support these stereotypes, probably. However, with every individual talent should be the only thing that matters but we don’t live in a utopian society. Yes race matters if you think it doesn’t you are in complete denial, IMHO.