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Firgit all about Jason . I saw that documentary. Very interesting duscussion. Lots of empirical data.Not sure whether its unusual so much or a fact of life . Not speaking of prejudice rather just the prevalence of talent. The current seemingly arbitrary focus on black athletes as RBs is due to their historical success at the position. Being rather long in the tooth,I recall that the converse was the reality. Black RBs were few and far between in the NFL in the 50s and early 60s. Due in no small measure to the decades of segregation in society.As runners,like Motley,Perry,Younger,Brown,Triplett came into the NFL,the balance started to shift not due to color but talent. That trend has clearly exploded over the last 20-30 years. Human nature for coaches to follow the trend. How others perceive these facts and relate them are to me a slanted reliance on current stereotypes.