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Just got back from the game.
My observations
1.)Anyone watching on television probably missed the hi-lite of the night, the halftime show. They brought back the rope jumpers from Bucks County who brought the house down. Standing ovation from everyone.
2.)Back to basketball :-). This was my 1st game live since Holy Cross. TK’s game has improved significantly in that time. Very few missed shots inside. Two blocks. When double teamed, he kicked the ball back out on occasion (something I wish he would do more of). He only had 3 rebounds, which mystified me. I thought he had a lot more.
3.)The energy took off when MS and JC were inserted in the game. Their minutes tonight reflected that. JC in particular rebounded the ball with a tenacity I haven’t seen from him in a while. There are some days though that he just have his outside shot and he needs to not force it.
4.)AP had one of his more complete games. Bunch of boards and steals and clutch FTs at the end. My only criticism was that ill-advised 3 point attempt after a rebound near the end of the game. I think the entire arena was yelling to pull it back.
5.)Whoever was guarding Reed did a nice job. I think he only had 1 or 2 points until garbage time when we stopped playing defense. He look exhausted.
6.)I think we can safely pencil KR in for about 10 and 5 every night. I keep getting a feeling that next year he’ll find a way to finish his shots. He is so good at getting to the basket though.
7.) The blue seats in the student section were at least 75% full. Many left after the halftime show though.