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Pardon my skidish nature. After the Bucknell game I still have serious agita when we play an incredible first half on defense and yet we’re only up 14 with the entire second half to go. We could have been up by 20+ if several of those in and out shots go. And with the 3 point shot, 14 points is easily overcome. I stood for the last 7 minutes at home hoping we’d finally blow them out, yet they hung around and hung around. Further heightening my concern was the broadcast team singing our praises throughout the game which is always an omen for a collapse. Frankly if I’m an American fan I’m not happy at all with CBSSports and all the Lehigh hype.

That said, we are learning. No panic with the slow first half start, and KR & AP calmly sank 10 straight foul shots to close it out when AU got with in 6 at the end. And frankly, 7-1 in the last 8 is an accomplishment in this very balanced league. So I guess its on to Holy Cross. And more agita.