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They played really good basketball for the last 15 minutes of the first half. Really shared the ball, inside and out and shot it very well. Also very solid on the defensive end and off the glass. Second half was a bit disappointing, how they let American hang around. I was looking for a push to a 20 point game over lead, but we couldn’t get it past 12-14, then American slowly crept back in. Second half possessions in the last 10 minutes were just lacking ball movement that we saw in the first. I don’t see a ton of talent in that American lineup, and definitely no go to scoring.

I thought JC was tough off the glass, but I just scream every time he bombs away from 3. 4 more misses last night, out of 4, and some at bad times, early in the clock when we didn’t need them. We have good perimeter shooters, and he is not one. I like when they go to more of a 3 out 2 in setup, with TK and JG/JC on the block or high low, with the 3 guards outside. When we show more of a 4 out set up, I don’t like JC moving outside. And, with a pivot like TK, we will never be in a true 5 out setup.

MS gave a nice boost in the first half. Shot it well from deep, and very active with his feet on defense of the perimeter. I’m not sure BA is really buying into the ball movement theme that has been winning them games. He clearly has a shoot first mentality. In TK’s interview after the game, he focused on the sharing of the ball, ball movement and inside and outside passing. The other guards clearly get it, BA not as much. He didn’t attempt a shot last night, but on every touch it is head down looking to drive, get bottled up, then pass it. I think that is why his minutes are slipping to MS.