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Wow,that was a blog. :) Agree about fund raising,all of our PL foes have fund raising clubs. The sport partnersips are our mode. Most of our travel and recruiting expenses in football come from there. LU has been fixated on all fund raising to be run in house. The only exception is Southside Boosters,and they ,altho still great,not nearly what they were in the 50s and 60s.If we want that to change,it is up to Alumni to organize it. Joe does a great job selling and running our program. He does access a bunch of deep pocket alums. Still could be better.
Disagree a bit on institutional support. We are currently stuck with the decision made 50 yrs ago to move athletics over the mountain.Otherwise,we are lucky that we have a cooperative Admissions,unlike Cross and Pards and good annual funding. Facilities need major upgrades, Stabler and Goodman.
Overall can we really bitch too much. With few exceptions,we are good to very good in most sports.