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I think any discussion of moving conferences is super premature. The PL is a very solid mid major league, with some good teams. I see the conference continuing to improve and there is a lot of good young talent across the league.

I do like the idea of perhaps renaming the Athletics Partnership with something a little more catchy. I (a non alum) would give a few dollars to a Hawk Hoop Club for instance and have given to the Athletics Partnership in the past. Rich, do the South Side Boosters support athletics financially, or do their dues go to tailgates, trips, etc and not funding the programs?

Assuming the university is not making any moves to build a new hoops venue (I haven’t heard even a whisper), I do think the time is right for some upgrades to Stabler. The PPL Center is taking many graduations and events from Stabler, including the Steelhawks. It would be great to take the opportunity to make Stabler a more sports focused facility. Bring the sideline seats closer to the floor (make them a steeper incline if necessary – Lehigh is an engineering school, they can figure it out), turn the upper level in the open end into either a President’s Reception suite or a weight room/training facility for the men and women overlooking the floor. Put in some videoboards and a dedicated student entrance that the bus drops kids off.