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Here is the site for the Lehigh Athletics Partnership. I make an annual donation.

The difference with Lehigh is that for a relatively small school, we finance a full slate of sports. Donors are financing a new softball field, a completely refurbished baseball complex, a new golf facility, the Caruso wrestling room, the additions to the Cunley Fieldhouse and I believe a new tennis facility.

Is the fact that the athletic facilities are over the mountain a problem? To some degree but there is ample transportation to get students there and back. Wrestling is still on campus but student participation there is still low. I still believe that all the broadcasting is a double edged sword. Service Electric broadcasts much of our football and basketball locally. Perhaps it increases our exposure but it also gives students and townspeople another reason not to venture out of their dorms, frats or houses. The Patriot League is live streaming most sporting events now. It’s wonderful for keeping alumni around the world engaged but it’s also another reason why you may not have to show up.
Just my opinion.