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1. FBS offers, IMO, are a poor judge of college or NFL success. Appalachian State made an entire program out of getting and finding guys that FBS programs were not identifying and developing like Armanti Edwards. How many people thought Vernon Adams would be good enough at QB to start at Oregon next season? Eastern Washington was the only one to take a gamble on him, and it paid off immensely. Their two wins over Pac 12 schools cannot be measured in regards to the football prestige of the school.

2. Having said that, how to these guys fall through the cracks? One way is playing at small HSs – big schools can’t focus on every local HS in the country, so they tend to focus on the bigger football-factory types for the most part. The second is getting heads-up from local kids from schools where the large schools tend to not actively recruit very hard. Cam Richardson from NW Lehigh is a prototypical example. The third is injuries – sometimes a guy shines bright junior year, but then gets injured, or circumstances conspire to have a less than stellar senior year. The reasons are many.

Personally, I have no idea if Dom or Micco will be the next coming of Rabih Abdullah or not, but I’m excited to see them in brown and white to see what they are capable of. Incidentally, if you’ve been around Lehigh a while Abdullah is my first team Mountain Hawk All Half-Century team. I was in the stands watching him carve up Cornell for the Lehigh rushing record and he was a man among boys.