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What to blame it on? Perhaps………..

A short turnaround. We played on Thursday, bused (5 hour) on Friday, and played on Saturday

KR, MS, and BA – all new to Hart Center

Inflated egos. Hey, why not. We averaged 81.5 ppg in winning our last four. And, didn’t we beat this team before with Ross, Price and Kempton combining for 52.

Underestimating the strength of this team and failing to remember this team has already beaten Bucknell and Colgate!

Not believing KenPom (ha) who forecasted a two point win by HC

How bad was it?

We made only 16 field goals – a season low

We were credited with only 5 Assists – a season low (see my opening post to this thread). Far too many rushed and ill-advised shots. Team-ball took a day off.

We hit more free throws (17) than field goals (16) – never did that before this year

We went 3 for 18 from deep – third worse of the year

We lost to a team that hit only 36.2% of their shots – a season low

Brandon’s funk continues (1 for 7 today and 2 for 18 over last six)

Except for logging a combined 3 defensive rebounds in 29 minutes of playing time, CS, MS, and SC were MIA

We turned the ball over 14 times. KR, with five, was the biggest offender. He’s lucky; by my count, it should have been 6. Sure he hit for double figures (10) again but he connected on just 3 of 10 and needed to go 5 for 5 to make the points scored look respectable.

Bench Play. Our guys went 2 of 13; their guys went 13 for 21. We had no answer for their 6’4” jr. guard, Eric Green, who went 6 for 9 in scoring 13. This after a 5 for 7 night against Army three nights ago. Scouting…game planning?

This loss reminds me of the way I felt after our 19 point loss to Boston U. back in Game 2. We recovered nicely with a 9 point win over Army on the road. It’s time we do it again….this time against Navy on the road Wednesday night.