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I don’t really see a lot of upside for Lehigh football. PL football is not very good. And, even if you win the PL and get a bid into the FCS tournament, you are playing schools 6x bigger than you, and it is nearly impossible to compete. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled when Lehigh football does well, but I don’t see the potential like I do in basketball. PL will never be near the top echelon of FCS football. Wrestling and lacrosse are doing well, forever for wrestling and recently for lax, but those are not prime time college sports, much more of a niche product. That is why I think basketball has the most potential of all of the Lehigh sports. You only need a few studs to build a big program and you can do it at a small school. You can’t do that in football, unless you are Notre Dame, and we don’t have that tradition.

You seem to be trying to shovel dirt onto PL football at the exact moment when we should be seeing the benefits of offering merit-based aid for football recruits. The incoming class will be only Lehigh’s third merit-based aid group, with a chance to see real benefits down the line. Also, did you see Fordham last season? Had Nebrich stayed healthy they would have absolutely had a chance to make a run at the FCS National Championship. They were a Top 15 team all season.

Lehigh isn’t trying to be Notre Dame, nor should it. They should be Lehigh, beating up on their peers in the PL, having the ability to travel to Penn State, Rutgers, or Wake Forest to test themselves against P5 schools, and getting the opportunity to test themselves against the Delaware’s, Richmond’s, and North Dakota State’s of their FCS subdivision.