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QUOTE: “And, finally, I think the administration is very short-sited in this area. If Lehigh had a big time basketball program it would drive applications and admissions to the moon. It has been proven time and time again how athletics and notoriety can drive interest in the school and applications. Flutie put BC on the map, and now BC is in the echelon of Georgetown and Notre Dame, when they used to be more like a Villanova or Providence.

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I hope Eric will see this thread and respond. On the HC board, He has pointed out a number of studies and stats that show much of the above is simply not true. Applications may go up for a year or two after some unusual success – but any increase largely comes from students who are not qualified for admission anyway.

As for the so-called Flutie effect, both Boston U and Northeastern saw bigger gains (applications, SAT scores, etc) over the decade after Flutie than did BC. So it was more about Boston becoming a hot spot for prospective students than about Flutie giving BC some football wins.