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Personally, I love the status of Lehigh sports and I’m even more ecstatic about the direction we are heading. Butler and Gonzaga have equivalent enrollments to Lehigh and yet both colleges have an acceptance rate of about 66% while Lehigh is around 31%. That’s right Lehigh is a prestigious and selective University and I want it to stay that way. The same can be said about much of the Patriot League. Neither Butler nor Gonzaga has a football team. In fact they only support 16 and 17 sports respectively while Lehigh, Lafayette, Bucknell, Colgate etc are all around 23.
What I really like though is that the quality of the student/athlete keeps getting better. Talk to the young men and women who represent Lehigh and you will be highly impressed. Two years ago, we won 6 Patriot League Championships. I’m hearing the word “steal” over and over again when describing the athletes we are getting. Our wrestling team continues to be around the Top 10 in the country. Lacrosse is in the Top 20. We beat Duke, DePaul and Arizona St. in basketball. We have represntatives in the NFL, NBA, MLB and the MLL. We have a *** QB coming here next year and 2 *** in basketball. All of our tennis recruits this year are ****. There are numerous **** in our soccer class. Our softball team is a dynasty. Swimming and track are continuously setting new records.
Butler and Gonzaga should not be a role model for us. We should be a role model for them.