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Random thoughts on today from an unsophisticated long time fan….. Great game to watch if you’re not a Lehigh fan. Plenty of effort, for the most part. And maybe too much from TK. We forced it to him any number of times, and he forced a bunch of bad shots when he was heavily guarded. And missed a few peeps as well. He really tried to do too much. 4 for 14 from the field? I didn’t think he was possible of that. Actually I think that was the story of the day in a real rock fight inside. Officials let them play for the most part, and the shoving and grabbing went both ways.

One call that made you think, maybe it isn’t our day; At the end of the first half with Pards up 2; they missed a shot with roughly 13 seconds left. CS got the rebound with nobody in the neighborhood, and was called for a foul. Crowd and Reed went all but ballistic. And of course they in bound and hit a long 3….to go up 5 at the half.

As for BA, he’s looked lost since his rookie of the week. Lost his man today in the brief time he was in, for 2 the other way. I was an early fan of his (and still am) and agree he has a lot of potential, but his confidence may be shot for now. Last few games he seems to be playing scared of making more mistakes.

Optimists would say, win the next two, and then the next three, and this goes away. Realist might say, we are what our record says we are. Pretty good on defense, but not yet consistent enough on offense to win consistently in this league. Bucknell seems to have gotten there. I think we can. Hopefully this year.