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Let’s face it – Lindner was out of his mind the last 10 minutes. Don’t he hit his last five shots – including a couple of threes? I don’t think that is really KRs fault, although he is a bit undersized as a defender. Why not put CS on Lidner instead? Corey has been an outstanding defender.

The Pards had great senior leadership step up and knock down a lot of key shots down the stretch? I think the weakest part of our roster is our seniors. SC is a non-factor. CS is a great, clutch shooter – but he won’t shoot.

We are placing our expectation on underclassmen like KR, TK, AP and BA. But, are we expecting too much of them to come through consistently when the game is on the line. I wish Doc would give CS the green light at big moments.

TK and AP had great looks on that last possession. We just seem snake-bit at times this season.

I think Doc could take the pressure off some with more aggressive defense – we have the most athletic team in the PL – why don’t we ever full court press!! Also, more set plays – instead of the breathless playground ball we seem to get into that results in 5-10 minute stretches with zero points ..