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While it’s not technically a “must win”, it feels like a make-or-break game, to me. Bucky is hot, on a 5 game win streak. And we’re… not. I think we’ll learn on Wednesday if we’re really in this race or not. Our playoffs started on Sunday, IMO, and the first round did not go well.
There’s just so much not to like about this matchup. Haas is the kind of small forward that has given us real matchup headaches, and is a great shooter. Thomas killed us last time out. I also think Fouland is capable of making TK’s life very difficult, and we’ve seen lately how much we’re relying on him for offense.
The board’s resident optimist is in a cloud of doubt. Best case, I think, is that this goes down to the wire. And recent results don’t make that case look so good either.