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Just relived Simo’s dunk another half a dozen times and it was as good as the first time I saw it :)

Clearly a statement game for the Hawks last night, sending the message that nobody should be eager to be playing them in the tournament. Unfortunately Lafayette couldn’t help us out by beating Colgate, who shot more than 60% from the field to ruin our chance at the No. 2 overall seed. Lehigh is locked in at No. 3.

There is still plenty to be scared about in the tournament. Lehigh will play the 6 seed, and it will be.. one of a bunch of teams, including, possibly.. Lafayette, who just beat us last Sunday. TLafayette, American Holy Cross, or possibly the Loyola/Navy winner. I’m not at all comfortable declaring a game against any of these teams an easy win. In particular a healthy Navy team and a Holy Cross team that matches up well with us terrifies me. So does Lafayette. It’s very likely that the game next Thursday will be a nerve-fest.

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