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I went to the Bucknell game. Here are just a few observations from this neophyte.
1.)The MS dunk was pretty special…but it was the entire play from steal to pass to dunk that lit up the crowd.
2.)I’m not sure why but Coach played a really small lineup for a rather extended period of time toward the end of the first half (4 guards and JG) and Bucknell scored at will inside, trimming the lead to 12. I hope that was only an experiment.
3.)This team’s play is predicated by it’s defense. When the defense is at it’s best, the offense seems to click. Of course much of it is in transition.
4.)When the ball goes inside to TK, it rarely comes back out. Defenses are collapsing on him. Someone has to be open. Tim needs to find him. That is one way to break the zone.
5.)On the same note. Here is an interesting stat. Lehigh is shooting about 35% from the 3 point line. Our opponents are only shooting 32%. Yet our oppnents have put up 651 3 point shots while we have only attempted 444. Why is that significant? The other way to loosen the zone is to bring the defenses out to cover the 3 point shot, giving us better passing and driving lanes. Shooting 35% from beyond the arc is equivalent to shooting 52.5% from inside.Ironically, that is almost exactly what our shooting % is from inside. Just an observation.