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IMO Lehigh’s defense, when really locked in, poses a tough decision for teams because of Goldy’s shot-altering capability (and also Kempton and a variety of shot-blocking guards, but I see it mostly through Goldy). Lehigh can for the most part have TK and JG underneath allowing the guards to focus on getting in guy’s faces outside, and if the opposition struggles from outside, that’s a good recipe for us. I don’t know if there’s a way to track “altered shots” in the PL, but I bet Lehigh’s numbers would be right up there.

Where it broke down vs. Lafayette was how O’Hanlon arranged for so much ball movement and so many upper screens to get his shooters hot. They weren’t having shots altered, they were screening and moving the ball to get things open. That’s why I’m very wary of a 1st round rematch with Lafayette.