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Am I the only one who looked for Tim and couldn’t find him on the court when you’d might have expected to see him there? Only 26 minutes this afternoon? Stat wise, you get 30 out of TK and you, far more often than not, walk away with a W. True in that 4-game stretch with BU, Army, Loyola, American a few weeks ago and probably true in general.

No, I’m not looking forward to going back to Hamilton next Saturday. That is, of course, should we get by AU on Thursday and assuming, too, that the Raiders get by the winner of the Army/Nave game on Tuesday. With my military background, you know who I’ll be rooting for in that game. Remember, the Raiders are 1-1 against each service academy this year. After all, they do say, “Anything is possible.” While we’re making out our “wish List,” be sure to add Holy Cross over Loyola in the 9 vs. 8 gamae and follow that with a HC upset win over Bucknell. Hey, it happened earlier in the year. So, why not? Must see TV on Tuesday while we await our turn to play.