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I took your comment just as you intended it, TMH. The short answer seems, to me, to be “consistency”. Looking over our shooting % over the year, it’s been crazy erratic. Heck, even from one half to the next. The “why” is the tough part.
Inexperience certainly contributes – and I know people here are sick of hearing it. But the fact that remains that our top 3 offensive contributors this year are 2 sophs and a frosh. Then we’ve got MS, a soph with very limited minutes last year, BA as another frosh, and JC – effectively another sophomore. As JG’s biggest fan, I still think he’s under-utilized, but that’s where we are.
I agree with LFN to an extent about JC. When he’s on, he gives a BIG boost off the bench – can change the game. But when he’s off… wow. Has to be the streakiest shooter I can remember.
I’ve got to believe that we’ll be better still next year – another year under the belt. At the moment, it feels to me like we’re one scorer away from where we need to be; need one more option. MS or BA might grow into that – but I’m also excited to see next year’s class. Holba in particular looks like he could add a game-changing dimension.
Still plenty of fun left this season though! I still believe that we could make a run. Just need to put it together, one half at a time.