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I think I may have found the answer to my original question and it’s something we have discussed a lot on this board.
The rookie class of 2009-2010 is analogous to the group of guys we have now. They went 22-11,had both the Rookie of the Year and the Player of the Year in the same person won the Patriot League Championship, gave Kansas a battle in the NCAA. In addition to the young guns however, they had great senior leadership in Hall and Carrington.
The following year, with that great rookie class now a year older, they go 16-15 and lose in the PL semi-finals. The difference…we were led by a freshman PG and some really good sophs and they played accordingly.
The good news is that team grew up after that year and again won the PL championship and beat Duke. I don’t know about Duke but if this team goes through the same type of maturation process and the incoming class has the type of impact that I think they are capable of, the sky may be the limit next season.
But in the mean time, let’s beat American on Thursday.