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Let’s call this loss what it really was: unacceptable.

American thrives on lowering the numbers of possessions. What do we do? Turn over the ball in bushels. Isn’t that No. 1 on the markerboard when you play these guys?

Under no circumstances do you let them get loose from 3-point land. What do we do? We let them find a spark, which becomes a fire, which becomes a blaze. At least force them to need to go inside to get tough points! When it was clear Lehigh wasn’t going to play perimiter D, of course they were going to start raining.

We were hopelessly predictable going to the post moves. Too many times we would force it in to see it slapped away for a turnover.

Why are we going for home run 3 balls in transition when we could be feeding it to Goldy and TK? Putting some 2’s in the bank on a few of those possessions might have really paid dividends.

We need to expect to win 3 vs. 6 games at home. I could accept losing a game on Cottrell with the Raider shooters getting red-hot, or a team playing unconsciously to win. But American was playing their game, AND WE LET THEM. That’s unacceptable to me.