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I’m torn here – on one hand I told myself going into the season I thought the bar for this team should be over .500 (check) and top 4 in the league (check). On the other hand, to lose a home QF game as the 3 seed is very disappointing.

After the first 4 minutes or so it was really ugly. Tim and Justin go a combined 13 for 13 which is INSANE, yet we lose. I understand why were so desperate to get them the ball (since they couldn’t miss) but the number of VERY poor entry passes was excruciating to watch. Lazy passes, bad angles, telegraphed. They threw every type of youth league bad pass there was to throw tonight. Real tough. It seemed AU was able to negate the Lehigh size advantage in the second half, and even capitalize on it – would have liked to see Reed go small for a bit since nothing was working.

Vasic from AU had a stretch in the second half where he scored on O and then forced a turnover on D for something like 3 possessions going back and forth. And he was getting Kempton at the time. Vasic can’t be more than 6’5 or so.

The next two years are REALLY big for the program with the second half of Tim’s career all the other underclass talent. Could be an opportunity for some very very good teams.

Bad loss tonight but decent season.