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My first reaction was anger about the ugly, telegraphed passes to the post. One would think, by this time of year, we would have offensive sets and motion that could get the ball into the post.
Thinking about it a bit more now. Was that, maybe, a product of AU defensive scheme? Do absolutely everything to prevent post entry, and challenge us to hit 3s? If so, that worked perfectly. Still pretty stunning to see that TK and JG were PERFECT from the floor, but got significantly less shots than the guards on the floor. Honestly, I think that’s an offensive design problem. At the end of last year I think we all agreed that we needed to learn to play inside-out – and I don’t think we accomplished that. Certainly not tonight.
I completely agree with pafan re: BA minutes. I do not understand. MS has provided spark off the bench, plays good D, and doesn’t seem to make bad decisions often. I really don’t like going negative here, but BA has been a turnover machine, and should be called “Toast” on D. Why are those minutes not more MS minutes??