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After the game last night I promised myself not to post, I was that upset. But here I am. Maybe its therapy. We did everything wrong in this one. Stupid forced passes inside. Defend for 20 seconds and then completely lose their 3 point shooters for “alone in the gym” shooting practice followed by easy buckets on back door cuts on their next possession. And finally, the maddening return of the athletic brick layers union at the worst possible moments. 7 for 16 on free throws? When all these appear in winnable games sporadically through out the year, then blossom together on the most important night of the year, I’m now completely in your camp Rich. A lot of this has to be laid at Doc’s door.

Last comments of the year from me: Todd I completely agree on the BA vs. MS issue. Miles is a great spark plug, and was again last night. Our row all agreed early in the first half, we need to see a lot more of him and he needs to get the ball a lot more. For BA, after a few promising games early he’s completely lost his game for some reason. Taped right knee? And a final disappointment, AP didn’t drive to the basket once, going 2-9 from the field with 6 points. TK and Justin need consistent offensive help from others. In summary: promising season did not reach potential. Truly a missed opportunity for these kids.

See ya next year.