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Here is a simple thing: if the defense is jumping the entry pass, try a backdoor pass. We used to call ’em “alley oop”. Or, how about a high entry pass – like they teach in youth leagues? SMH.

I was really intrigued when Doc went to the full court press with 3 minutes left and 10 points down. Why didn’t he go to that sooner? American has such a short bench. A full court press would have run them ragged. Maybe they would have missed a few shots at the end of the game if their legs were tired. Maybe it would have disrupted their incredible shooting and flow. SMH.

Can we talk “backdoor” pass – like, did we not scout these guys? How many easy buckets can we give them? We’re working for every good opportunity, and they are shooting layups ..

Missed foul shots – first three straight by KR – I feel bad for the kids, they were tight. But – if you are tight/can’t shoot – then play some friggin’ defense. Create some havoc, run-out opportunities, transition …

If we had to lose, I’m glad we did so trying to get the ball to TK and Justin. They deserved the ball every time. But honestly, did our coaches – like seven of ’em?? – not notice they were jumping the passing lane?!

Our kids deserved better than this uninspired coaching performance …

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