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Well, the psychological bleeding has stopped, and perspective is starting to come back. I foolishly allowed myself to look past the American game. I was prepared to swallow a loss to bucky or gate, but wasn’t prepared to drop out in the quarters. Crazy, in retrospect, looking at how the season went – and not just for us. We all knew that this tourney could go any number of ways, and nothing should have been surprising. The semis bear that out, too; this will be the first ever PL tourney won by a team other than the 1 or 2 seed. Totally fitting for this season.
I think the pards should win – much to my chagrin – but I wouldn’t be placing any bets either way. AU is very well coached, and as others have noted, they play a system that works very well for them.
I remain hopeful that the upward trend continues next year. Hopefully, we’ll see some continued development of the offense, and we’ll learn better how to feed the big dogs.
To get better, we’ll need to see more consistent shooting. That’s probably my biggest take-away from this season. Whether that just means individuals need to get better, or if scheme changes to get better shots are required remains to be seen.