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Looking forward, I think we should have a lot to be excited about for next year. Sounds like we’ve got pretty strong hopes for the incoming football class, and we should probably expect to see major strides. Reading a PL football preview yesterday, it sounds like Fordham loses a lot this year and should come back to the pack a bit. The fresh look that coaches are taking at the roster and open competition in camp sound promising.
I also expect hoops to take another step forward next year. Another year under the belt for young players, and an off season to prepare and get better. An unusually high return % of production is a nice change.
On the longer horizon, it feels to me like lax might be the brightest spot across the board. As it stands, it feels like we’re considered a perennial top 20 team, and we play a high level of competition to keep that moving forward. Not ACC-level competition, but it feels like the next-best tier. Hopefully that success continues to bring top-notch recruits. While the start of this season has been bumpy, we did give Loyola a good game. I’m a lax noobie, but that feels encouraging.
It also seems that wrestling has returned to peak levels, and we have reason to hope for similar or better results next year. True?