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I am not surprised by the outcome of the quarters and was fearful all along with this team. My opinion is the same now as it was all season, this team does not have the mental makeup or chemistry to win a championship! I am not a believer in youth as an excuse (see Kentucky) in today’s world of AAU, showcases ect… These kids come to school well ahead of the players 10 to 15 years ago.

PL player of year, rookie of the year, most athletic team in PL, size, ect…. Why did this team not dominate? IMHO, chemistry and mental makeup. Is it too many roosters in the hen house? Undefined roles? Willingness to buy into what the coaches are teaching? Willingness to be in a subordinate role? I would say yes to all of the above questions to a certain degree. This team has tremendous individual talent but is not a great TEAM! BA,AP,TK,KR,JC,MS all came to LU to be the man. Great school for sure but in the recruiting process I don’t believe that academics was the deciding factor for these athletes. The CJ factor I am sure played a part, maybe promises were made I don’t know but IMHO all expected to play immediately and have major roles. This has lead to inconsistent play as players struggle to adapt to their role as opposed to their own expectations. TK most consistent player all year clearly defined role as the man. Taking nothing away from his play as he deserved this role but can everyone else accept it and when called upon do the little things that make teams great. I guess the next two years will answer my questions.