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I don’t agree with much of the above post. People keep saying that Lehigh is the most athletic team in the PL, but I’m not sure what that is based on. The eye test?

Also, as far as youth not being an issue – I don’t think it is fair to compare a Kentucky team loaded with future first round picks of indicative of the college game as a whole. Show me an underclassman dominated mid major team that had a great year and I would put more weight in it. Wofford’s top 3 players are two seniors and a junior. Iona’s top 4 is one senior, two juniors, and a soph. Northern Iowa’s top 4 is three seniors and a junior. Further, look at Lehigh when CJ, Gabe, and Holden were sophs. They finished 16-15 and 6-8 in the conference with a top 5 consisting of 1 senior, 3 sophs, and a freshman. This is how it goes at this level. Bucknell was very young as well and they were up and down all year and lost a home semifinal game.

And, I agree that Lehigh is recruiting a better athlete and basketball player than they were a few years ago. But was MS’s energy off the bench, or JC adjusting to coming off the bench and having some really big games do to indicate they came to LU to “be the man” and are “unwilling to be in a subordinate role”? I think that is very unfair to those kids. If MS didn’t want to come off the bench, he would have transferred. Instead, he made significant progress this year.

Yes, I believe the coaches could have done a better job defining roles and creating a cohesive team. But no, I do not think that they players don’t possess the necessary make up to be team guys and win games.