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Didn’t say any of it was based on fact It is my opinion. Not attacking MS or JC or any other player for that matter. Simply pointing out that in my opinion the team chemistry and ability to make the mentally tough plays consistently plagued this team. IMHO there is no question that many players struggled with their roles on this team which lead to inconsistent play. This is not an attack on their character but a realistic view of how the college athletics work. All of these players were the best players in HS unless they came from a D1 powerhouse basketball factory. Adjusting to subordinate roles can be very difficult and IMHO was not established very well by coaching staff or accepted by players. In MS case I am in complete agreement that he made great strides this year. In fact I would say that over the last 10 games you could argue that he deserved to be a starter, this is my point. Explain BA playing last 5 minutes of QF and MS sitting? Maybe Kentucky is a poor example as Bum pointed out but ultimately I am sure teams younger than LU at the Mid-major level have had more success (do not feel up to doing the research). Sr,JR,2sophs,FR starting five not sure youth is issue anymore.